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Come Visit Us
The Georgia Aquarium
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12th-Jan-2007 06:00 am - A sad day in the marine life world...
R. I. P. Ralph. You were my favorite one of the whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium. You were more people-friendly than the others. You died just two and a half weeks after Gasper the Beluga Whale. THese are both DEVASTATING blows to the Aquarium, but they couldnt be helped.

He just stopped swimming last night, and they hoisted him to the top to check on him, and he died. Mom came in and WOKE ME UP at 530am to tell me this..

How many people do you know who care enough about a fish to be woken up at 530am and start crying when you hear the news that he has died?

This is a bad sign.. I told her that they are incredibly temperamental animals, and now AT LEAST Norton or alice OR trixie is going to follow him into the realm of the unknown.. I just know it.

Rest in peace, you beautiful gentle giant. You were amazing to watch for the months that I got to see you swim over my head. Whale sharks are my FAVORITE things on the face of the planet.
15th-Nov-2006 11:10 pm(no subject)
4th-Jul-2006 02:06 pm - Aquarium visit pics
The Blue marble
Hey everyone.
Here are a few of the pictures from our Aquarium visit on the 3rd of July.
I have more, but I need to head to 4th of July party. Have a happy holiday. :)

More pics behind cut....Collapse )
6th-Jun-2006 11:59 pm - Press Conference
amanda - bouncing hearts
Hi everyone!  I know we're all very excited about the two new whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium, and I have some more cool news to add to this.

I'm a volunteer with the Aquarium, and tomorrow morning there is going to be a press conference which I am going to be a special part of.  The news given out is apparently going to be something along the lines of a new route in the works that would run between the Aquarium and Zoo Atlanta.

At this conference is going to be Deepo, whom we all know is the Aquarium's mascot, and whatever the Zoo's mascot happens to be.  And guess who's going to be in the Deepo costume?  That's right, I AM!  I'm unbelievably excited, and all of you should look for me in the newspaper soon!
4th-Jun-2006 08:31 am - X posted
The georgia aquarium just got two more Whale Sharks, which makes a total of 4 now! I will be there at least once next week. I am so excited because while its a minimal chance, ralph, norton, trixie, and Alice may just make some babies! The more the merrier. I wish they lived in our oceans too!

23rd-Apr-2006 07:15 pm - New member
G is for Georgia
Hello everyone.
I live in Augusta. I am interested in almost anything scientific and/or dealing with nature.
I plan on making my first trip to the GA Aquarium this June or July. Most recently, I went to the Aquarium in Chattanooga 2 years ago.
Does anyone that has already been have any advice to offer other than what is already offered on the Official Web Site.
What did you think would be/was the best time and day to go?
What was your favorite part?
Is parking a problem? Should I take Marta?
Thanks, in advance, for any help!
25th-Feb-2006 06:48 pm - Anybody here?
Clown fish
So, what's up with this community?

I went to the Aquarium for the third time today, and I think I like it more each time I go. The food in the Cafe is really good, I love getting a discount with my annual pass, same with the gift shop, and since I know which galleries I like best, I can take my time, visit those the longest (I think the Ocean Voyager window is my favorite, next to the Belugas), and today I finally reached in and patted the sharks and cownose rays... That was very cool!

Anyone else? Any recent experiences? Any annual pass holders who intend to keep going and going as often as they can? Any problems or issues? What's your favorite gallery, animal, food in the cafe? Do you take the train, or park in the deck, or nearby lots?

Anyone here?
12th-Jan-2006 02:34 pm - No barcode
Bresson Mouffetard
I just bought my annual pass online a couple days ago, and today I made a reservation to go on the 22nd. I only got one email though, the confirmation email, no second email with barcode like they say you're supposed to get. I know it didn't go in any spam folder, I just didn't get it, and I tried to call to ask about it, but their phone lines are busy, or down or some such - a message says there is an overwhelming response and they can't take any calls!

Is it a big deal if I'm missing the barcode? Anyone know? The web site says they can print a ticket with just your order number, but I saw on the news that they really don't want anyone to show up without the much discussed bar code email.

Should I be concerned?


(By the way... I am SO excited to be going finally!!!)
8th-Jan-2006 11:40 pm(no subject)
Mal Reynolds
Hello everyone. I'm Mike. I go to UGA in Athens. This weekend, I'll probably stop by the aquarium and pick up an annual pass (much better value than a single day pass). I have to go to IKEA to get some furniture for my apartment so I figured I'd take Marta from there to the aquarium and see all the fun for myself. Over Christmas break I went to the local Flint Riverquarium in Albany, GA and loved it, so I imagine this will be much more spectacular. I think it's cool a community on lj exists for this. Presumably, everybody here thinks it is awesome, or else you wouldn't be here? (selection bias at work..:) Pictures of my excursion are definitely forthcoming. Nice to meet you guys. Any advice about what to bring, what kind of photography is allowed, any must see exhibits/things to do? Thanks!
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